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Trial pile driving / Tensile tests

For free-standing parks, a trial pile driving is generally an integral part of the planning phase. Foundations are trial driven on the site and the force required to remove them measured. This allows us to find the optimal foundation for the plant and create a testable structural analysis.

Topographic survey

To be able to translate the planning into reality, precisely and efficiently, we set great store by state-of-the-art GPS and laser-assisted surveying methods. True to the motto: double preparation time – half the performance time, we create as many marking points as possible to allow smooth, accurate realization in the following construction stages.

Ground Survey

With the evaluation of direct outcrops (drilling or excavated pits), indirect methods dynamics probing or vane tests) on site with the corresponding laboratory work the building ground for roads and supplies can be verified. This investigation can be achieved in one step with the test loadings for power plants.
The report about the building ground and test loading is the base for draft, verification and achievements of mounting system and foundation design of buildings, roads and drainage system.
We also analyze the corrosion potential of the soil.

Photogrammetry and Cartography, Photogrammetric Services

Using todays most advanced UAVs, we can provide accurate three dimensional models. These models can be used to calculate volumes of earthworks, produce accurate ortho-rectified photographs, over¬lay areas into Google Earth or export the model information on to any 3D file type for manipulation by the client.
Note that this process requires accurate ground control to be surveyed prior to the aerial flights and R&L is proud to be one of the only companies who can offer both: ground survey control points and the aerial imagery to complete the services offered.

  1. Fastest Land Survey
  2. Surveying large areas in short time
  3. Update topography without access the ground
  4. High density
  5. High resolution images
  6. Detailed contour map